DOs and DON'Ts

Dress Code:

  1. DO Dress modestly, especially when going out in public. When visiting mosques men should wear long pants or trousers, while women should cover their hair with scarves.
  2. Do use swimwear in private pools and beaches but cover up when swimming elsewhere.
  3. DON’T engage in cross dressing. This is frowned upon by the country authorities.
  4. DON’T wear shirts that contain texts or images that are offensive to culture to religion.

Gestures & Interactions:

  1. Do not point with your finger.
  2. Do Stand-up when meeting new people, old or high-ranking guests. When women enters the room men are also expected to stand up.
  3. Do accept food and drinks using your right hand. You should also use this hand when eating.
  4. Don’t offer pork or alcoholic drinks to Muslim guests.
  5. Don’t offer to shake hands when meeting a member of the opposite sex who is Muslim. It is customary to wait for them to offer their hands first before shaking them.
  6. Don’t point or beckon with your finger. Gesture using your whole hand instead.
  7. Don’t point your foot at anyone. Avoid showing the soles of your feet or crossing your legs, especially when you are with an important guest.
  8. Don’t display any obscene hand gestures in public.

Going out and about:

  1. Do buy and drink alcohol only in licensed hotel, restaurants and bars
  2. DO ask permission before you take pictures of UAE national or resident.
  3. DO be careful with public display of affection. Holding hands is okay but kissing and hugging should be avoided in public.
  4. Don’t drink, get drunk or behave in a disorderly manner in public.
  5. Don’t drink while driving. This is simply not acceptable in UAE
  6. Don’t use illegal substances or drugs. These are strictly prohibited.
  7. Don’t use bad language, make offensive gestures or show disrespect to the country’s leaders, cultures and religion.
  8. Do be careful about what you post on Social Media.
  9. Do be aware of certain rules of behavior during Ramadan. This is month when Muslims fast, pray and reflect as part of their religion.

General Terms & Conditions of the accommodation

  1. No Smoking inside accommodation. We provide an ashtray in the balcony where possible.
  2. The accommodation is not Suitable for Pets.
  3. No Parting of any kind allowed. This is a Residential Building and any loud noise or partying if noticed / reported, we will be levying penalties + you will be responsible for legal issues if any.
  4. As per Dubai Tourism Laws, all Guests must provide their Passports Copies which will also be submitted to Building Security to get you Apartment access. PLEASE ENSURE YOU FULFILL THIS TO AVOID ANY DELAYS DURING CHECK-IN.
  5. In the event of damage, improper use or loss to accommodation fittings / fixtures / furniture / Key Card / Access Card / Access Remote / Electronics and Electrical Appliances, hefty charges will apply.
  6. We do provide Early/Late Check in and Check out subject to availability.
  7. As a welcome package while you check in, we provide with Coffee Powder, Tea Dips, Sugar, Jam, Water, etc.,
  8. We do provide Linens, Bath Towels, Shampoo, Bath gel, Body lotion, Soaps.
  9. No commercial activities should be carried out in the accommodation.
  10. The maximum occupancy of the booking should not be more than the allowed numbers of the accommodation.